May 31, 2012

Game of the Kings

If I will be able to have the chance to combine my favorite anime characters in an event and the scenario was like playing a certain game, maybe the event I will choose was during the World War, and Suppose that you are about to imply the concept of the  game of the kings that is also known as chess.

Who among the anime characters you will choose to play the major roles as the main chess pieces in this kind of game?

Who will be your pawns, rock, bishop, knight, Queen and the one that will lead, the king that will give you the win?
For me, my chosen anime characters must fit within my criteria.
  • Pawn

I choose my pawn according on the anime character that can give a good role as the decoy that can be a good distraction with the opponent.
  • Rook

Must be the anime character who posses the strength to provide the strong hold of defense for any resistance that will try to infiltrate.
  • Knight

A knight must be a anime character that was good in leading the pawn within the battle field and been able to intercept the attacks even it is a matter of positioning or instances.
  • Bishop

He/she must be able to execute a long range attack against the odds and be able to improvise a good support to other pieces a either long range or short range.
  • Queen

For me it Is the most essential piece to guide and support the all pieces even it is a matter of all instances and must be excel much in supportive tactics and can deliver it any time it was needed. 
  • King

For me the king must be the anime character that has these two things. First he must be able to draw plans and solution according to all possible outcomes before and after it happens. And lastly, he must not be afraid to join the battle when or where his presence was needed.

Now that I already give the traits of my ideal pieces, who do you think will be the best anime character that will ensemble to the criteria I given?

And, if you we’re to chose who will be your line up and why?

May 14, 2012

Most Disgusting Anime Villain

I have watched many anime before and right now I use to compare who is the most disgusting villain in all the anime series I mostly watch and right now I come up with this choice.

For me the most disgusting villain, antihero, and antagonist anime character is Yakushi Kabuto.

You may wonder why I didn’t choose urochimaru that used to be his master it is because kabuto became the nastiest and most disgusting character I ever seen. Before I use to think that urochimaru is the worst one in doing nasty stuff with his body and popping out any thing with his mouth but kabuto become the worst one in terms of popping out anything and much more that even turn him to something non-human and for you to find out more about what I’m saying about compare and see his photo before and compare it with the kabuto that is in the previous and succeeding chapter of NarutoShippuden right now.
the Kabuto Before

the Kabuto After
Although he becomes stronger and much powerful I don’t really like the point when he use to pop out someone’s face anywhere in his body.
Too gross and makes me feel sick. Yuck!!

What about you, who do you think the most disgusting anime villain?

May 11, 2012

Anuhmey Wistful Update: New Representative for the WCS2012!

Fresh from the World Cosplay Summit2012 (WCS2012) official website, other groups of Cosplayers from participating countries have chosen.
Last 7th and 9th day of May 2012, two pairs of coslplayers from Russia and China were chosen to join the World Cosplay Summit this year. And to give a brief preview about this new pairs of participants sit back and check this out.

Meet the

Russian Representative.
                                          Elena Bars & Romash Margarita

This two Ladies that will representative the Russian team both love the culture of Japan and both of them have three years experience in joining other cosplay event. They don't share the same anime that they like most, but that's their opinion Elena used to love watching Clover but Romash love watching Tiger & Bunny.
Well, I hope they will be able to bring a good show in this event.

 And lastly, meet the

Chinese Representative.
                                                   Sheng Minqiu & Yan Ting
These two representatives from China also share some reason why they want to go to Japan, they’re both interested about the culture of Japan even though China is also rich on it. These pair has been participating for cosplay events for almost a decade and they also love to watch Code Geass and Gundam Seed respectively.
This new representatives will surely give a good show in this event and allow the other anime and cosplayer fans out there to don't go lack of option on choosing their bet in said international event. And to think that Japan were unable to choose their representative until now maybe they're really being careful because for me as I see the other representative allows me to conclude that there's a tight battle upon judging and choosing whom will be the winning country for this World Cosplay Summit 2012.      

Yet, still go for the Japanese Team!!!! Ike!!!!
                And if you like to see and review the other representative in this event just ClickHere to find out.

May 5, 2012

The Best Anime Moms This Mother's Day

This mother’s day let’s make some tribute for the entire mom who spent their lifetimes and endless love for their family and love one’s. Let’s remember and honor their hard works and makes this day special and one of a kind for them because this day is their day.
And here with relation with the celebration of the mother's day Anuhmey Wistful will bring you five most promising anime moms that express the true means of a mother's love and display no boundaries.
  • ·         Uzumaki Kushina
Uzumaki kushina was the mother of Uzumaki Naruto from the anime series "Naruto Shippuden".
best anime motherKushina was the wife of the 4th head of the hidden leaf country (4th Hokage of Konoha) and even though he only spent a short with her new born son. Kushina display the enough love and care to naruto that even turns to sacrificing her life to keep naruto alive. Kushina was killed with her husband Minato (the 4th Hokage) while protecting the Konoha and her son from the Kyuubi (9-tailed beast) that turns to become a giant killer machine, but even if she's gone with the help of her husband she had been able to insert some of her presence to naruto and by living some of her existence inside naruto, when the right time comes she will be able to see her son even she's dead.

  • ·         Masaki Kurosaki
Masaki Kurosaki was the mother of Ichigo Kurosaki from the anime series "Bleach.
best anime mother
Masaki was a wife of a doctor/shinigami (soul reaper), she has the chance to see and monitor the childhood of her son, ichigo and spend at least a quality bonding moments and express ichigo the love of a mother. But suddenly she was killed while protecting her son to be killed by a Hollow that used to lure and kill innocent people in their city.
It's so sad to know that a mother's life will be taken away by death, but masaki's death become essential to make her son a better people and have been able to push to a path to be a shinigami that hunt down the hollows that will come out in their city.

  • ·         Masane Amaha
Masane Amaha was the mother of a cute little daughter Riko from the anime series "Witch Blade".
best anime mothersMasane was a single mom with one daughter masane seems to be a tomboyish kind of mom and sometimes clumsy that even coming in such a point where she was being scolded by her young daughter.
But, even she's not seems to be a perfect mother she has been able to be a good and loving mother to her daughter by taking burden of being a bearer of such a power, the Witch Blade. This blade choses its master and give it an immeasurable amount of power that other desires most. But acquiring this power also is lead to a slow death. Amane founds out all about it and she didn't allow it to take over her daughter's life. So, she continues to become the blade bearer until her last breath.

  • ·         Makunouchi Hiroko
Makunouchi Hiroko was the mother of Ippo Makunouchi from the anime series Hajime no Ippo/knockout".
best anime motherHiroko was the kind of mother who took the role as a father and a mother for her son after her husband sudden death form an accident. With her son they run the fishing boat business that is left by her husband.
Hiroko seems to be a very supportive kind of mother and even when her son chose the path of being a professional boxer even she has a bit doubt on it she never left behind her son and always show her everlasting support as a mother. And theirs even a point that she used to take charge for all the choirs with their business just not to disturb her son in practicing during with his upcoming matches.

  • ·         Trisha Elric
Trisha Elric was the mother of Edward and Alphonse Elric from the anime series "Full-Metal Alchemist".
best anime motherEven Trisha Elric makes a minimal appearance during the anime series, but she has been able to create a big part in the kind of life were her two sons will go through.
Others said that the "best way to know a child is by getting to know their parents..."
The brothers used to live with their mother along with their relatives after their father left, despite the fact that their father left them she never describes bad things about their father and instead she imposes the importance of loving one another. But suddenly a severe illness makes Trisha sick and even brought him to her death. But the immeasurable love that Trisha teaches to her sons allows them to break the sadness and even break the greatest rule of alchemy.
Her two sons perform the forbidden transmutation. The Human Transmutation, having the enough knowledge that they gather from the book they perform this transmutation to resurrect the body of their mother, but they failed and as the result of breaking the rules of alchemy Edward loss his leg and arm while Alphonse lost his body and trap his soul to an armor.
The love of two sons to their mother creates a tragic result, but this kind of love from her kids will not be possible if she didn't give the eternal love and care that only a real mother can give.

                 There's nothing much more than a love of a mother, it may come with different ways or form, but only one thing is common it all come from the heart. So, in their day let's make it memorable even we can celebrate mother's day any time, but I have one thing to share, we don't know when would be the last time that we will celebrate this day with our mother, don't wait for tomorrow if you can do it now, forget the pride, the "ego" thing or everything, whatever you may call it. Stop wasting time express your love.

                And Greet your mother, "Happy Mother's Day....:)"and don't forget this magic words "I love you... :)".
So, what will you do to make this Mother’s day much more Special?????


May 1, 2012

Anuhmey Spotlight: Lelouch Lamperouge/ZERO of Code Geass

code geass
Lelouch Lamperouge or ZERO is a character composes of vengeance against to his father known to be the great conqueror of the world and king of the holy empire of Britannia and also because of the sudden death of her mother. But despite of being a hostage of vengeance against his father that abandon them with his sister after the death of there mother he been able to find a sanctuary every time his along with his sister Nunnally and with his Friends in the Academy.  

code geass

He never lost the hope and the dream to give his sister a better future, a better world, a world that will not judge her because she’s blind and remove her right to be happy. but one day all his dreams and hope have the chance to be fulfill when he meet C.C a mysterious girl he found hidden in a track inside a spherical glass tube that gave him the power of geass that can change peoples thoughts and make them follow everything that he said.
code geass

He use this power to create a group called as the Order of the Black Knights that he said as a group that will protect those who have no strength to fight against the government lead by his father and to create a better world for his sister. And to pursue his entire plan he chose to hide behind the mask and call himself as ZERO and also to protect the security of his sister Nunnaly.
coe geass
Pursuing this path is not easy for him because it’s also an act of challenging the whole empire of his father. He used to kill and include the civilians and even fight his childhood friend. The path he chooses is like a real chess battle there is no place for a wrong move. There are times that he almost stop and quit all of it, but his ambition and vengeance always push him to move on.
But Lelouch have a unique attitude that been able a come up with a kind of plan that no one can ever imagine. Lelouch choose to dethrone his father and become the new dictator that will gave  the world a lot of misery and sadness but all of it was done by him in purpose to build the world that fits for his sister.
Lelouch always said this “Those who shoot must be prepared to get SHOT!” it’s like a way of saying that he is ready to die in fulfilling the world that he wants give to his sister. He becomes worst than his father as a dictator the world, he always calls to kill on the spot those people who tries to break his rules and suffer those who want try. He allow him self to be hated by the world and even use to display his former comrades in the black knights that use to protect the people who have no strength to protect them self. He desires for the hatred of the world to be focused on him and seek for a hero like ZERO that make the impossible to become possible that he used to be before.
He scheduled to perform his last plan during the parade and display of the top rank officials of the black knights and with his sister who make a stand against him to be exile to death. Everyone there that watching the parade feels anger to him but still they can’t do anything because of fear to be killed on the spot even the remaining member of the black knights and with the former officials of the empire is waiting for the right moment to strike. After showing his fang and devotion to misjudgment and even trying to kill his own sister. Every one is wanting for a hero that will appear to save them. And as the ceremonies continue a masked man appeared and it’s ZERO that appear in front of the entourage and directly stab Lelouch. 
Lelouch faced his death smiling because with his death all the hatred focused to him will be drag along with him to his grave and a world that is full of peace will start and a kind of world were everyone have their freedom and happiness, a kind of world that he dream for his sister Nunnally.
Lelouch for me is a great anime character who comes up with a unique but tragic way of sustaining peace in the world and if you've watch the whole story you will like it so much.And this idealism that he made and how the story of this anime portray him is the reason why his on our spotlight.